Where to Post Your Video

September 19, 2023

“And that’s a wrap!” It’s always so exciting hearing these words, after finishing a video shoot. But truth is, it’s hardly a “wrap” yet–you still have to post it. Posting your video content is just as important as its initial creation. So, where to post your video? Here are our top spots.

1. Your Own Website

Having your video embedded into your own website has numerous benefits for your brand. For one, it draws online viewers directly to you (rather than to a third party platform), and greatly increases your SEO. Next, if done well, can give a brief but informative snapshot of what you and your brand bring to the table. All the while, engaging your audience, and keeping their attention, as viewers spend 88% more time on websites with videos than not. Plus, creative video can show your company’s personality, and, thus, humanize it. In short, the benefits are endless.

2. Your Own Nurture Emails

This one’s great because you are working with an audience that’s already engaged. They’ve signed up to be here, and want to hear what you have to say. Remember the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Forget that. According to this source, a video is worth about 1.8 million words. So don’t be shy to include it in your emails! It’s fun, very clickable, and its message will stay with your viewer long after any reading they may have done.

3. Social Media Platforms

This one, of course, is quite obvious. But what’s important to decide when it comes to where you post your video on social media, is knowing what’s the end result you want. Each social media platform is designed for specific audiences and uses. What’s the use you’re going for when it comes to your video? Are you selling a product? Trying to gain more exposure as a company? Once you know this answer, it’ll be easier to select where to post your video.

To help get you started, we’ve categorized some of the top social media platforms, and how best they might serve you.

  • YouTube. With 2.70 billion active users, it’s easy to see what one of its biggest uses is: audience exposure. That being said, because of its playing to a more “general” crowd, be sure to optimize your video very specifically, so as to attract your target audience.
  • Facebook. FB currently tops even YouTube for monthly active users, at a whopping 3.03 billion people. But the benefits go beyond just that. FB is a fantastic platform for businesses, as it provides great analytics to help direct your content creation, while focusing in on your target audience.
  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is only continuing in its growth, highly prioritizing video posts when it comes to its users. It’s directed at B2B, so is great for networking, creating better brand awareness, as well as attracting top talent, should you be hiring.
  • TikTok. This platform may have originally been geared towards the younger generation, but its popularity is forever growing. TikTok is the king/queen of short-form, vertical video, so is wonderful for nurturing brand identity. You could also partner with influencers to widen your audience reach, or take advantage of using UGC (user-generated content).
  • Instagram. Instagram is super friendly towards video and images, so creates a visual snapshot of your brand’s identity. Plus, it promotes e-commerce with direct links to your product, so could potentially boost your brand’s sales significantly.
  • Twitter/X. Whatever it’s called these days, Twitter/X still draws a huge following, at 450 million active monthly users (estimated to reach 652.23 by 2028). It’s amazing for SEO, as it’s a text-based platform predominantly, but also welcomes video posts, giving your brand extra exposure.

By being specific with your video creation and where you post it, you most definitely will see the results you want.