Who We Are

Here at Waves, we are an all-in-one video team with years of experience working with large and small brands to create the entire gamut of video styles from product videos, to testimonials, to explainers, narratives, documentaries, you name it. One way we like to say this is that we are similar to a creative agency and a production studio altogether when it comes to video. And behind all the workings of our team is a strong belief in the power of video to communicate like no other medium. To find out more about how we actually work check out our How We Work page.

Video You Will Love

Not only are we sure you will love the caliber of work we provide, our hope is that the entire process will be both excellent and enjoyable. Whether you’re a business owner trying to create a distinct brand identity or a marketer looking to produce meaningful video content, our aim is to support you with on-going care in the messaging of your brand all while providing the highest quality of video creative service.