Waves Video Production

Agency value, without agency pricing.

Waves Media is a full-service video production company serving San Diego and Boston, and all around the country. We combine cinematic visuals with powerful storytelling, to create engaging and compelling videos that can capture your audience. We produce videos of all kinds, from explaining your product or service, to interview style narratives, to full-on motion graphics pieces and much more.

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  • David Schmitz

    As the founder of Waves, David started his video career in the event industry in which he won several awards for his films. Through 13 years in the media business, he has worked with numerous brands including Toyota, McDonald’s, FORTUNE, and many more. A life long musician, video editor, and on-set director, David puts life into every story he tells.

  • Jon Schmitz

    Jon graduated from Full Sail University as Valedictorian in 2007 and has filmed hundreds of projects since then. As the primary Director of Photography for Waves, he specializes as well in post-production, motion graphics work, and audio engineering.

  • Bill Darmon

    Bill has been producing video and media for over a decade and has worked on countless shoots, from commercial interviews to chasing motorcycles in the desert, and everything in between. He has founded Bright Rectangle and Immer Video and has been a big part of Waves Media from the beginning.

  • Greg Farnum
    Director of Photography

    Greg has been filming with Waves since 2012 and has many credits as a DP, and is our go-to for all things video tech.

  • Luke Stoughton

    Luke has been working with Waves for years as a grip and P.A. and also specializes in graphic design.

  • Chris Perez

    Chris interned with Waves in 2018 and since then has graduated from the University of New Hampshire for Communication Arts. Chris is a powerful part of the team and has worked on many sets with Waves since joining forces.

  • We are all about relationship.

    We have found the best partnerships that yield the most success are the ones built in an ongoing collaboration. And we are nice. One of the greatest compliments we can receive is that it was fun working with us. We stay human.
  • We are all about quality.

    We don’t just want to say this. If we cannot do the best we are able to do, then we won’t pursue a project. And quality means telling a good story: one that is substantive and connects with the audience in a tangible way.
  • We are good on our feet.

    Planning is crucial. With this in mind, our default is to be ready for anything and to look at discovering even in the filming and production/post-production parts of a project’s journey.
  • We are techy’s but artists at heart.

    Yup, we can do a lot of cool stuff and look really smart. But at the end of the day creating art and getting to that sweet finished product is such a fulfilling thing.
  • Integrity matters

    Doing what we say we will do, being honest and candid, seeking to understand before being understood, treating others with respect and kindness, and working very hard. These ideals are the foundation of our company.
  • We believe in the power of video.

    It’s the most impactful medium currently available to us and its reach is like no other. The most powerful ‘call to action’ is the play button. It brings sight, sound, mood, so engaging! No wonder it’s the leading means of communicating in the world today.
Jennifer Bernier
American Well

Waves is outstanding – from their professionalism to their creative expertise and direction, the quality of their work speaks for itself. I’d be thrilled for a chance to work with them again!

Rosemary Kann

My company and I have worked with Waves for almost all of our projects and we are always happy with the whole service from beginning concepts to end results. They are always happy to take on a new project, and easily understand our vision. On filming days, they are always on or ahead of schedule, paying close attention to detail, and make the experience fun.

Grace Steel

Dave and his team were extremely professional and easy to work with! We couldn’t be happier with how Cowen’s video turned out. Everyone loves it!

Julie Burandt

I have worked with Waves Media on videos for Toyota on multiple occasions on projects across the US. We are extremely please with the quality of the video and their ability to create a narrative from a loose outline of a project, event or story. They are flexible, timely, great to work with and have an outstanding product.

Mike Rennie

Waves Media did an amazing job! David and Jon are extremely professional and I would highly recommend them. We continue to get rave reviews from our own audience of the final products they produced.

Eugene Chan

These guys did our video for entry into a competition. There was limited time to do it (1 day). It was a complex topic based on science. They executed swiftly, where there to support the whole process with lots of equipment. The editing of the project was amazing! They exceeded expectations and we won the competition. They guys are true pros and you’d be lucky to have them help you out!