• Julie Burandt

    I have worked with Waves Media on videos for Toyota on multiple occasions on projects across the US. We are extremely please with the quality of the video and their ability to create a narrative from a loose outline of a project, event or story. They are flexible, timely, great to work with and have an outstanding product.

  • Mike Rennie

    Waves Media did an amazing job! David and Jon are extremely professional and I would highly recommend them. We continue to get rave reviews from our own audience of the final products they produced.

  • Katelyn Dwyer
    Labouré College

    In marketing, it is easy to find a vendor to do anything you need, but you will never be guaranteed artistry and personal dedication to quality. With Dave and Jon – you never have to worry about that. They are truly artists and video is their medium. Sometimes, I’m not sure exactly how to get something across and Dave always has advice to help me make my video even better than I had originally planned. These guys are amazing and I would never use another video team.

  • Rob Elwood

    Our company literally took off from the promotional video Waves Media made. They were able to create a story from our summer camp stem business and turn it into video magic. Without Waves, we would not have been able to promote camps and grow as rapidly as we have to date.