How to Define Your Video Goals

May 21, 2024

Ready to begin creating great video content but not sure what your video goals even are? No problem. We at Waves Media are here to help get you started.

What Are Your Brand’s Needs?

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to avoid video content. It’s everywhere! Commercials, social media video, website video, product videos…the list goes on. So, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed and even a bit confused when it comes to setting your video goals.

So, we suggest starting with this basic question: what are your brand’s needs? Do you have an immediate marketing campaign that needs promoting? Are you working on gaining funding for a project, or looking to expand your overall budget? Video can be part of the answer to these problems, so identifying them first helps inform what type of video you should create to solve them.

Some questions to help define your brand’s needs are the following:

  • What are the most important current goals of your company? And which are top priority when it comes to communication and marketing spend?
  • Who is your target audience? If unsure how to go about defining this, click here to find out.
  • Do you have a rough idea of the trajectory of success you’d like to see for your brand in, say, 5 years? Even 1 or 2 years is fine! Visualizing the desired picture helps you begin to create it.

Of course, there are other questions you can ask yourself, with these above igniting the flame. To help stir the pot even more, we’ll speak to video goal ideas below.

Types of Video Goals

Whether you’re old or new to the video creation game, creating great video should always be preceded by a specific goal. So, what types of video goals are there? Let’s highlight some of the most popular and effective ones below:

  1. Audience Reach/Brand Awareness. All video, in some form, is creating good brand awareness (hopefully). But video specifically geared towards introducing and/or humanizing your brand in front of your target audience will be, again, very specific in its content. It will most likely have a specific theme or focus (such as a new feature you offer).
  2. Sales. This sort of video goal comes in the form of videos with “Buy Now” attached (aka social or e-commerce). Or perhaps you want to create a video series with a paid subscription attached?
  3. Product Promotion. While these will also increase sales, product and explainer videos are more about informing your customer of what solutions your company provides. In short, these videos solve the problem of telling your customer what problems you solve (i.e. theirs!).
  4. Internal Use. Have internal goals for your company? New team members to train? Use this sort of video to do just that, as well as make company wide announcements for events and/or updates.
  5. Boosting SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is key in rising to the top of search results. How to boost it? Use video, basically, anywhere for this one (as Google favors it in SEO).
  6. Video Product/Service Tutorials. These are great for informing your audience on product/service tutorials, all while freeing up your customer service team to serve your clients in other necessary ways.

Once you have your goals set, you’ll want to decide the type of video that will serve them. Here’s a link for some video ideas to get you started!

Setting Up Timelines and Measuring ROI

As with all of your brand goals, setting a timeline in which to accomplish them is always wise. This way accountability is kept intact, and the desired outcomes get met that much faster.

One way to help accomplish this is measuring the ROI (return on investment) for your video content. By charting its progress, you’ll see where it’s working and (just as importantly) where it’s not, so you know when and how to pivot (if needed).

Want help assessing your video ROI? Click here.

Implementing a Video Strategy

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Meaning? Once you have your goals, you’re going to need your strategy laid out with very practical to do’s, etc.

Creating your brand’s video strategy goes hand-in-hand with measuring its ROI above. Consider these tools your roadmap to fulfilling your video goals. While it may feel like a lot of prep work before actual filming, these two steps will make the journey of video production that much easier and effective.

To help create your brand’s video marketing strategy, click here.

Once you’ve established these steps to your video success, we first want to say, “Way to go!” Achieving your video goals is an investment, we know. But trust us when we say, it is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your brand.