The Power of Product Videos

October 31, 2023

So, you want to sell your product or service? Fantastic. But how to get the word out about your awesome new solution? Product videos. In this article, 89% of surveyed customers said that watching a video convinced them to buy a product or service. That’s huge! With numbers like this, it’s no wonder that product videos are easily the best way to not only bring awareness to your brand, but also promote sales of your solutions. Which is why today we’re talking all about the power of product videos, and how to make them work for you.

The Benefits for Your Brand

The benefits of product videos for your brand are endless. As already stated, the power of product videos lies in that they boost sales! In fact, up to 87% of polled marketers agree video provides a positive return on investment (ROI). And why is this, you may ask? Because video is by far the most engaging form of communication you have with your audience. It not only attracts your customer, but also retains their attention, literally lasting in their memory longer than just through text alone!

Product videos also promote brand awareness through exposure. Your customer is not only learning about your product but also about you and your brand. It’s an opportunity to tell them what you value, what solutions you bring to the table, and why they should invest in a long-term relationship with your business. It’s this depth of connection where true success lies when it comes to your brand.

How to Create a Great Product Video

While there are creative options when it comes to the style of your product videos, great product videos share these elements:

  • Keep it short and succinct, yet informative.
  • Show your brand’s personality, and include the “human” element!
  • Give a clear call-to-action so your customer knows where to buy, who to call, the next steps, etc.
  • Include strong titles and closed-captions (if dialogue is involved/needed), as most viewers watch without sound.

Other elements to think about and include would be dependent on what your product or service is. If you sell a tangible product (such as a running shoe), you’d want to show its look, explain its feel, and how it provides solutions for runners. Whereas, if you sell a service (for example, a cleaning company), you could highlight its quality through a customer testimonial.

Product Videos We Love

Want some inspiration? We got you. Below we’ve included some of our fave product videos we’ve had the pleasure of creating for our clients. Starting with this popular YouTube clip we shot for our video partner Blink.

Here’s an example of a product video we shot for USAlliance, using motion graphics to instruct and inform.

And lastly, a recent video project we shot for one of our newer partners So Cal Glass. This is a great example of not only highlighting their work, but really focusing in on the people who truly make this company what it is.

With these insights and tools in hand, start creating product videos that will not only promote what you do, but also who you and your brand, ultimately, are.