Ideas for Your Brand’s Video

January 23, 2024

Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of ideas for your brand’s video? Trust us, we’ve been there. Creating consistent video content means you have to be inspired, well, consistently. And that just doesn’t always happen. So we’re here to help provide fresh inspiration with some great ideas for your brand’s video.

The Explainer Video

Most likely, you’ve heard about this one. It’s easily one of the most effective videos for your brand (and a fantastic starting point for new business owners). In a nutshell, your explainer video tells your audience all about your product and/or service.

Consider these “introductions” to your brand. This is the first time someone may be, in essence, “meeting” you and your brand, so make a good first impression. And, most importantly, make it clear how you can solve their problems with your product or service. For more on how to create great explainer videos, click here.

Product Videos

This next one can sometimes get confused with the previous. But don’t let it fool you, there IS a difference. In short, product videos focus specifically on the product at hand, whereas explainers give a broader overview of a brand, service, or product. To give you an example of a product video, here’s one we shot for Blink below.

Basically, when it comes to product videos, use these for showcasing specific products and their features.

“Shoppable” Videos

“Shoppable” video is just like it sounds: video with a direct purchase option for your customer. This, of course, could be any type of video you post, depending on what you’re promoting. But with 81% of marketers seeing sales increase by using video content, it’s clear you should be attaching that “Buy” button within your video posts.

Two great starting points for setting this up would be this YouTube Shopping tutorial as well as the TikTok Shop.

UGC Videos

Here’s where you can really interact with your customers, by having them create user-generated content. These videos are a chance to truly engage not only with those customers creating them but also those watching, as great UGC content is super relatable and generates trust.

How to start acquiring UGC video from your customers? A good first step would be in asking for customer feedback (easily attached to weekly emails and/or posts). Or perhaps run a social media contest, with a prize worthy of the requested content. (For example, Starbucks runs their “red cup” challenge every December, and generated well over 30k in social posts from this alone!)

Customer Testimonials

This may seem identical to UGC but, again, it’s not quite the same. While they technically can be categorized as providing the same result, the customer takeaway will be a bit different.

For one, high-quality video gives off a professional “vibe”, if you will. It shows you not only have the ability to produce it, but also the knowledge on how to produce it well. Pair this with a genuinely happy customer, speaking to why your product made them so, and voilĂ . A truly compelling video.

Educational Videos

Is your product or service a topic that could be expanded into a video series? Many brands offer free or for-cost tutorials, promoting their product while educating their audience. Perhaps you could run a YouTube series, highlighting the many uses of your product. Or invite a guest on your podcast, who’s an expert in your field, with that episode exclusively offered to your paid subscribers?

This is a great way to establish brand expertise, and speak directly to your target audience’s needs/interests.

Company Culture Videos

These work well for when you’re hiring and want to attract new team members. But they go beyond just this. This is also a great way to highlight company values, as well as show how important diversity and inclusion are to your brand. Take this as an opportunity to show your company’s personality, and celebrate your team by featuring them, all while “humanizing” your brand.

Here’s a wonderful example created by the company Close. In it you feel their intentionality, and can see the possibility for truly building over the long-term with them.

Repurposed Video

You may be thinking, These ideas are great and all but there’s only so much budget to go around.

We get that. Which is why repurposing your video is a wonderful choice to not only expand your content but get more bang for your buck. A few ways to do this are:

  • Create a blooper or behind-the-scenes reel from unused shoot footage. These are good for keeping the “human” element in your brand.
  • Have a podcast? Film it while you record for extra options when it comes to posting!
  • Take your most popular blog and record a quick vertical video, highlighting its key points. This can easily be done on a Smartphone in your own (well-lit) living room!

Whatever video you’re filming, always find a way to keep it relatable, humorous (if appropriate), and authentic. There will always be the desire for human connection, and video is the most powerful way to accomplish that for your brand.