Benefits of Working With a Video Production Company

September 17, 2020
video production when you need it

You might not believe me when I say that businesses can benefit from using an on-hand video production company during this pandemic. After all, collaborating with a video production company is an investment, and not really “pandemic financially-friendly”. So, this begs the question: If there are any benefits to utilizing a video production company these days, what are they? We at Waves Media are about to answer that question.

It’s Effective for Your Business

Why tell people what you do when you can show them?—CIO

“One of the main benefits of using corporate video production is to increase traffic,” says Founder of Alltopstartups, Thomas Oppong. “With video being responsible for two-thirds of traffic on the internet, it is more important than ever to include corporate video production into your marketing plans.” (If you are wondering what two-thirds equates to percentage-wise, we did the math for you. It means videos make up approximately 66.6 percent of internet foot traffic). “If you are not already using corporate video production,” Oppong continues, “you are losing out on a huge amount of potential client traffic. The more traffic that visits your page, the more sales you are likely to get.”

Google Loves Video

An added benefit of working with a video production company is that search engines favor videos. This essentially means that if your company decides to use a video production company, there is a higher chance of ranking. And thus, an even higher chance of actually being watched and supported. The reality is that such an opportunity forces us to consider how a do-it-yourself video will rank in comparison to a video that has been thought-out from concept to done by professionals. Direct Images Interactive reminds us that working with a pro video company means your business will have a thoroughly documented and clean-cut video strategy.

Remember that the goal of your company using video is to offer solutions to your audience. Whether you are a small business, a company in need of product videos, or something else, remember that not all video companies are created equal. While tech and price are important factors to take into account, you want to work with a video production company that is up-to-date. Also, relationally, a company you can count on, who is looking for the long term success of all involved. That includes implementing any necessary adjustments based on current conditions.

Take Advantage of Working With an On Hand Video Production Company While You Can

Looking back at this blog ten years from now, we might all be modestly shaking our heads at the term “pandemic.” But until then, we are tweaking the way we do everyday things, including how businesses present their products or services.

This pandemic has forced many businesses, regardless of industry, to reconsider how they operate. Even we have experienced pandemic-unique difficulties and have had to make adjustments due to the quarantine. Nonetheless, we know that video is the best way to get your message across to a variety of audiences.

If you are looking for new ways to get your message and products out there through this pandemic, consider the benefits of working on hand with a video production company like Waves Media.