Not All Video Companies Are Created Equal

July 24, 2019
Waves Filming San Diego CA

Determining who to work with can be a big decision with either amazing results or a frustrating experience. As a video company ourselves, we have some biases of course, but can offer some objective criteria to help in choosing.

It’s Not Just About Tech

In a moment, we will discuss the importance of being up to date with the best technology available. But we must stress that it’s not all about skill, knowledge, or gear.

  • Does the video team have your brand’s DNA?
  • Do they get your style and message clearly?
  • Can they work cohesively with your team?
  • Will they be good on set with a friendly and peaceful demeanor?
  • Are they willing to change or be wrong and do what you want in the end?
  • Do they have experience or just the theory of video work?

These are just a few of the big questions you should keep at the front of your mind.

It’s Not Just About Price

In the same way it’s not just about what gear or video savvy each company has, it should never be solely about price.

All things being equal the price point is a great thing to focus on. After all you probably have a budget right?

“You get what you pay” for is as true today as it ever was. Here are some good things to think through when taking quotes from companies.

  • Will there be any customization in this package being estimated? Do I need customization in the first place? Is this company just using pre-made templates for their videos
  • Will I get the proverbial ‘nickel and dime’ song for everything I need in the end?
  • How long will it take to actually see an end product and a first draft of my video?
  • Are they looking to be a partner on an ongoing basis? And impress us with their work in general?
Temecula CA Video Company Discusses What Makes a Good Video partner

Are They Up to Date in Best Practices for a Video Company?

There are some pretty easy things to check on to see if they are up to date with best video practices, the latest tech, and more

  • What is their review process like. Do they use an online project review space like Vimeo Collaboration or Frame.io?
  • Are they offering the latest and most up-to-date video resolution quality (ex. 4k footage versus HD)?
  • Are they insured with at minimum liability insurance?
  • What type of payment options, contracts, review links and general communication methods can I expect and have I experienced with them so far?
  • Do they respond in a timely manner? If not, it could be a long haul….

Hopefully these types of questions will help you think through what is a good fit for your brand and its video and marketing partners in general.

At the end of the day, what is your gut telling you? Go with that – invest wisely and aim for synergy that will compel your message further than it has gone before.