Our Recommended Late Fall and Holiday Reading/Listening List

December 1, 2021
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Looking for some good reads about team, leadership, business, etc.? Reading is one of the amazing blessings in life. And it can be truly helpful in business as well as in life in general. Here are some of the more recent good reads we’ve been in at Waves.

The Speed of Trust

Stephen M. R. Covey, son of the famed author the “7 Habits” series puts out an amazingly insightful book into the power and impact of building trust. Whether in family, business, organizations, really any relationship, trust is paramount. And it creates a ‘speed’ of synergy like none other. A definite thumbs up and recommendation for this book.

Talking to Strangers

Malcolm Gladwell’s “Talking to Strangers” offers a much needed look into understanding, communicating, listening, and knowing others we meet. The book is based on many well known stories where he delves into what really was happening or going on in each party involved. For those seeking to grow in empathy but also in understanding in a crazy sociological time, a fantastic read.


Liz Wiseman’s “Multipliers” explores two different types of leaders: Diminishers and Multipliers. We’ve all encountered one or the other (or both). And many have experienced the difference between these types of leaders and environments they create. Regardless, as leaders, we all have features of either or both and can learn how to grow and not inhibit our team members. And the sky is truly the limit for those who can tap the power of being a multiplier. With this in mind, it’s a very instructive and inspiring read.

Start-Up Nation

Full of story and history, “Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle” tries to answer the question of why a nation often at war and in turmoil has started more companies than far more stable and larger nations. The authors look at the “Israel effect”. And they examine how adversity actual aids growth. This is done by leveling hierarchy and keeping it all ‘informal’. But if you want to find out more, jump into this short but informative handbook.

How I Built This

Guy Raz compiled a really fantastic read from the well known podcast of the same name. How I Built This will inspire you and educate you regardless of where you are in your company or entrepreneurdevelopment. Stories and more stories from a spectrum of business types: it’s straight up fun.