The Apps and Services We Are Using to Run Our Business

September 22, 2021
Waves a Murrieta Video Company Talks Apps

Oh, the wonder of helpful time-saving, even slightly robotic apps. We really like a bunch of the ones we use at Waves Media. Below are some of the apps and services we utilize (some that pretty much everyone uses but we mention anyway). What are some that you are using that have proven to help productivity in what you’re doing?


Asana is the project management beast I (David) love. There’s probably never a perfect management tool out there but this one can be tailor-made to suit quite a bit of our processes that we use over and over again. But the best features are only on the paid plans. Well worth it though.


Our team’s main communication tool. No more chasing texts and emails.


A CRM, our team utilizes Dubsado for initial client interactions in the actual booking process, contracts mostly. But it can do a lot more!


HubSpot is also a CRM, so why the redundancy. Well, we love the sales pipeline part of HubSpot and have used it for years.


Not an app, a service, but wanted to mention them. They handle all our bookkeeping, answer tax and bookkeeping questions, and handle the company’s taxes at the end of the year – definitely recommend. Cost effective and great people and service.


These guys handle all our payroll. Cost effective and great support.

Scanner Pro

We use this (on our mobile devices) for scans on the go. Free too.


We lean on this app for our shared file system and active creative and video project storage and syncing and “office” files


A reasonably priced cloud back-up service we use for active projects we are working on.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a nice free alternative for virtual meetings that works seamlessly with the rest of our G-suite and Google Drive.

*BONUS*: Video Production Specific Apps