Videos to Start Your Brand

November 25, 2022

So you wanna use video to start your brand? Great idea! But where to begin? And which videos do you make first? Here are some of our best video ideas to get you and your brand going.

1. “About” Video

The about video or overall explainer for your brand, product, or service is crucial. And it’s a fantastic piece to start with!

This video can be on your website’s home page. It can also act as a trailer on YouTube or your social channels.

As an example, here’s a funny explainer I watched earlier today. So yeah, you can pick the overall vibe and feel, but make sure to tell the viewer what it is you do and who you are.

2. Shorter Versions of “About” Video

Take that 90s “About Us” video and cut it down into various versions (ie. 45s, 30s, 15s). These can be used at different intervals on social or as paid ads (plus, you get more bang for your buck here).

3. Testimonials

Along with reviews on social media, Google, etc. video testimonials are worth their weight in gold! In fact, if you optimize them correctly- (see our write up on optimization here) – they can produce ROI rather rapidly.

So find those customers who are great on camera, get them filmed, and post accordingly!

4. Series of Short Helpful Videos

What are some of the FAQs you get? Maybe make a short series answering those, and put 1 video from this series out each week.

Also, if you sell a product, do various short visual sequences of that product.

Get the Ball Rolling…

There are many other types of videos you can create (happy to help btw), but starting with these will get the ball rolling.

Think “consistency” when it comes to videos. If you are able to put out regular content from a bunch all filmed at once, that can make it much easier.

Oh, and remember…have fun! 🙂