3 Tips to Get More Views of Your Videos

January 1, 2022
Promo Video Creators Waves Media

In the interest of getting your videos more views, here are a few tips we at Waves Media recommend.

Better Titles

Optimizing your titles on your videos is crucial. Simplification and branding come into play here. Ideally you describe the content clearly and succinctly. But also utilize keywords in your branding. And don’t forget to include your brand’s name at the end of each title.

A great formatting option can be [particular video subject] | [high-level topic] | [brand name]. And example would be : How to Optimize Video Titles | Updating Your Brand’s Online Presence | ABC Company.

For more on SEO friendly titles visit here.

Poster frames

Your video should look as great as possible. And that means every aspect of it should be appealing. Don’t stop short on this by not focusing on the poster frame or thumbnail. People are more likely to click on an attractive looking thumbnail. And they are more likely to hit play on a video that has the topic clear and legible.

A couple things to remember when making poster frames:

  • Keep any text on it large enough to easily read
  • Use on brand colors for shapes, objects, accents
  • Have a compelling and nice looking image should you be using one
  • Don’t just put your logo up! Get creative.

Playlists + Shelves

Playlists are a fantastic way to lead your audience into more of your video content. This could be through a series. It also can be used to organize video content as your library amasses size.

People will be more likely to subscribe to your channel should they see useful content. And playlists will help bring that view.

Playlists can also be used for internal training or onboarding.

Specific to YouTube, there are what are referred to as “shelves”. These are another way or organizing your YouTube videos. It can be a fantastic way to control which videos will show up first on your homepage. And also what order they would be seen.