Our Mission and Values

May 24, 2021

Our mission and values at Waves Media are at the core of all we do. What are they, you might ask? They begin with telling stories that matter. Your stories, to help you promote your brand through the power of video. We have worked with numerous brands, organizations, and individuals making a difference in the world, and are grateful to continue being a part of that. Our goal is to keep front and center our purpose and values in all we do. So, today, we wanted to share with you what they are.

We Are All About Relationship

The best partnerships are the ones built in an ongoing collaboration. And building solid relationship with our video partners is at the top of our mission and values. Adding to this, we’re nice. In fact, one of the greatest compliments we receive is that it was fun working with us. We stay human, always try and find the joy in our work, and aim to give that same experience to our clients.

We Are All About Quality

Lots of people say this in the branding world, we know. But our goal is to not only say this, but also deliver on it. If we cannot do the best we are able to do, then we won’t pursue a project. And quality means telling a good story: one that is substantive and connects with the audience in a tangible way, providing desired results for your company.

We Are Good on Our Feet

Planning is crucial. So, we at Waves will always arrive to our collaborations prepared. With this in mind, our default is to be ready for anything, and shift according to needs discovered along the way. As the saying goes, “Life is full of surprises” so we make it a part of our mission to be prepared for as many of them as possible.

We Are Techy’s but Artists at Heart

Yep, we can do a lot of cool stuff and look really smart. But at the end of the day, it’s all about creating art and getting to that sweet finished product that brings us true fulfillment. Our technical knowledge is simply there to further the storyline along on set.

Integrity Matters

Doing what we say we will do is very important to us. Being honest and candid in our advice, seeking to understand before being understood, and always treating others with respect and kindness are the foundation of our company. We’re hard workers overall, and we will also always work hard in maintaining these ideals.

We Believe in the Power of Video

It’s the most impactful medium currently available to us, with a reach like no other. The most powerful ‘call to action’ is the play button. It brings sight, sound, mood, and is so engaging! No wonder it’s the leading means of communicating in the world today. Which is why we started Waves in the first place. To communicate your stories in the most effective way possible.

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(This blog was updated in 2024.)