Why You Need a Video Partner

January 9, 2023

There are many reasons you should want a video partner versus a production team that’s there and gone in a day. You’re probably asking, What even is a video partner? And why would I need one? Glad you asked, because we’re here to explain why you need a video partner, and how it’ll benefit your brand.

I remember talking to a potential new client a few years ago, and they mentioned the last video company they’d hired. They said their work was ok, but they were kind of hard to deal with. And then they said something else, that’s stuck with me to this day: it was as if the video company never came up with any ideas or input to make things better…they just did what they were told.

This intrigued me, as it sounded like the client’s expectations were more of a partner and not just a tech guy who can run a camera. The more I thought about it, the more I realized they were spot on with their observations. And why this observation could also be just the ticket to a better relationship with the right video vendor or team for you.

Better Bang for Your Buck

When you have a video team that is a partner, you have someone invested. In our experience, this generally means they don’t “nickel and dime” you for everything. Including extras and giving you a great rate is beneficial, as they are in it for the long run. And as with any healthy developing relationship, the “love” will deepen over time!

They Know You and Your Brand

Obviously, there is a “getting to know you and your brand” phase with any video company (or at least there should be!). But when you have a video partner, who has long-standing familiarity with you and your brand, they get you and your messaging! By being familiar with your look, objectives, and overall communication style, this not only saves a lot of time but also delivers a much truer and more satisfying product in the end.

Better Quality Long-term

When you establish a relationship with a video partner for the long-term, there is an innate desire for the video partner to improve what they bring to the table to keep you interested. Having completed one successful project won’t be enough for them–they will want to up-deliver on the next, to keep at the top of the ever-changing industry standard, and beyond! Because again, when you and your brand win, the video partner also does, not only in present success but also in future collaborations.

Your Team is Bigger!

This may seem like an obvious point, but by having a video partner, your team just got bigger! And better yet? They’re not technically your employees, with all the extra responsibilities that entails. Rather, these new teammates are outside of your company, which can be good. They bring in a new perspective, less likely to get involved in office politics, and will come in fresh each project. In other words, a huge breath of fresh air to not only the process, but also to the ultimate product.


The number one must in all successful brand marketing is consistency. And by having a consistent video partner, you get just that: consistency! Not only will your brand maintain its clear messaging, but it will also have the helpful reminder to continue creating video content steadily–again, an absolute must for success.

So, Why Are We Telling You This?

Because it’s what we offer. Our Video Partner Plan includes all of the above, and much more. We have always been about relationship, quality, and being good on our artistic feet to help build your brand with you. Want to know more? We would love the chance to chat with you, and hear your vision! Let’s get the ball rolling to bring it to life.