How to Hire the Right People

April 25, 2023

“A company is only as good as the people it keeps.”

–Mary Kay Ash

So your business is booming, and you need a bigger team. Congrats! Expansion has always been your goal, and now you’ve made it! But hiring new people also brings with it the challenge of hiring the right people. And then keeping them. So, how do you attract the right people, who will represent your brand effectively? And how to make them want to stay once you’ve found them? Today we’re taking a closer look at how to hire the right people, and continue to build your team.

Finding Them

  • When beginning the interview process, first things first: be up front about your company’s values and culture. Transparency will not only attract the right kind of candidates but also save YOU time in weeding out any “bad fits”. Also, if your company has a social media presence (highly recommended btw!), share that with potential candidates as it can provide a more accurate picture of what your brand stands for.
  • Write an accurate job description. The quickest way to find the right candidates is to locate the wrong ones first. The more specific you are about its requirements, the easier it’ll be for both you and those applying to see if there’s potential. Remember, though, to keep it simple, as you should assume candidates are busy applying elsewhere and may only see your listing at a glance.
  • Advertise the salary and benefits. Promote those perks! Keep in mind, those looking to apply are also interviewing your brand, so don’t shy away from “bragging” about your business, and what you bring to the table. From including health benefits to hosting an annual employee retreat, list the selling points of your company.
  • Look at the candidates track record. Actions DO speak louder than words, so don’t be afraid to ask why they may not have stayed at past jobs, why they started those jobs in the first place and what the ultimate results were, etc…judge the answers they give, as this will show their honesty and potential staying power (or lack thereof).
  • Don’t limit where you post. When posting your job opportunities, don’t limit yourself. Sure, LinkedIn is still a great place for locating potential hires, but remember to utilize current employee referral incentives, online communities, and/or social media to announce what you’re looking for.

Once Hired…

  • Provide structure and clarity while training. Be sure to outline clearly what is expected of new hires. Your initial training period not only provides company culture, but also sets the tone of communication that should consistently be applied throughout employment. As with most things in life, communication is everything. (Read here for how to effectively onboard your new team!)
  • Celebrate individuals. Diversity and inclusion is a must for any workspace. But take it a step further in recognizing each individual’s unique skillset, and what they bring to your brand’s table. Remember, employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad employers. Incorporating this sort of recognition negates that, and makes people feel valued (something worth sticking around for at any job).
  • Provide opportunity for growth! No one likes to feel stagnant, especially in a work environment. Potential for movement forward not only brings motivation to the employee, but also gives them a reason to come and stay. They should also see growth within your company’s overall vision, which will inspire them if clear–after all, no one wants to board a train that’s not going anywhere!

Define your vision and values, communicate them, and trust that the right people to join your team will come your way. Remember, you attract what you put out, so put out what you want to see. The rest will surely follow.