Using Video to Onboard

November 7, 2022

It’s that time. After an extensive search to find the top talent for your company, now it’s your turn to train them. Where to begin? You want to not only teach them how to efficiently do their new job, but also provide them with a solid sense of your brand’s values. The easiest way to make this happen? Using video to onboard your team.

Engage Their Attention

When asked how they thought an onboarding process could be improved, 69% of people agreed video should be used more. Not only does it more quickly engage its audience, but it also stays with them longer. According to this article, if you pair information with meaningful images, it lasts far more easily in our long-term memory.

Post-Pandemic Perk

Living in this post-pandemic world, our work life has greatly shifted to being predominantly remote. With less access to face-to-face meetings, providing new employees with engaging videos not only can secure that personal connection, but also acclimate them to your workplace environment. (And, let’s be honest, it also cuts down on those awkward Zoom meetings. No offense, Zoom.)


From a logistical standpoint, using video to onboard your team saves a lot of time. Gone are the days of repeating yourself over and over again–say it once while that red record button is flashing, and share accordingly! It’ll save you time in the boardroom, but still be a brand new experience for each additional member of your team.

Personal Touch

Using video to onboard your team also keeps it personal and fun! Get creative (and show) your brand’s creativity through the flexibility of video! You can present your training videos in a number of formats–interview style, graphic based, stop motion, the sky’s the limit! Plus, using video keeps the consistency of your brand’s voice, a clear message so that all of your team stays on the same page.

*And just as a bonus: think about using an LMS (Learning Management System) to organize videos and content while onboarding. This allows team members to systematically go through content while learning, keep an eye on progress made, make notes, and more. Overall it can really help you keep it organized!

So, what’s to stop you? Get creative and start recording! And hey, if you don’t know where to start, we could definitely help.