How to Create Engaging Holiday Videos

November 14, 2023

It’s that time of year again where you wonder where the time went. It’s the holidays! If you’re like us, you’re excited for upcoming time off with loved ones, but still busy promoting your products for the popular shopping season. What’s the best way you can do that?

Video, of course. Which is why today we’re talking how to create engaging holiday videos.

Benefits of Creating Holiday Videos

The forever benefit of creating videos for specific times of year i.e. holidays is that you can record and schedule in advance. Want to take a few weeks off of work but still have content posted over Christmas? Use video! You could literally record and complete in July, and have it ready to go for December, allowing for the rest you so very much deserve.

And with platforms like YouTube having easy scheduling capabilities, you can even post and optimize your video well before it goes live. By using video for your holiday campaigns, say hello to an actual vacation!

Ideas for Creating Holiday Videos

Heartwarming and Relatable

Everyone loves a sappy holiday video (whether they admit it or not). Here’s a great example from BETC Paris, surpassing all language barriers by utilizing relatability. We all have that family member who does something endearing (yet also embarrassing) that instantly makes this commercial so touching.

Funny and Nostalgic

Adding humor to your video content is always a good idea. And why? Because 90% of online consumers were polled at remembering an ad better when it made them laugh. This one below does just that, all while incorporating a very nostalgic Christmas tune we all recognize.

End-of-Year Recap

Creating an end-of-the-year holiday video, celebrating your company’s overall year has a few perks. One, it’s an opportunity for better brand awareness by showing your brand’s personality (be it through humor, a warm message, etc.). But it also highlights your work and accomplishments, and ends up being an impressive snapshot for future clients to see. Here’s ours below from our 2022 Christmas season.

Personalized Videos for Clients

If you’d rather a simpler production route, creating your own personalized videos is a nice touch to send to clients. Just you with a festive backdrop and a sincere message and, voilà! The warmth of Christmas comes through. One way to individually personalize, should you have several clients, would be through the AI platform Tavus. There they can take your video, and insert specific names, according to the receiver.


So, there you have it, a few starter ideas to get your holiday wheels spinning! Of course there are even more concepts you could incorporate so have fun and be creative. Remember what brings you joy during the holidays, or what made you smile when you were a kid at Christmas. If you keep it authentic and from the heart, your holiday videos should resonate with all.