The Power of Laughter

March 14, 2023

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

–Charles Dickens

When was the last time you laughed? We’re talking a good, ole belly laugh here. Remember how it made you feel? Light? Happy and carefree? Maybe you shared this laugh with someone? Could be a friend or even a perfect stranger. But I bet it connected you to them, on some level. Because laughter is powerful. And it connects us to people. Today we’re here to talk about the power of laughter, and how you can use it for your brand.

Benefits for You

Ok, yes, we at Waves Media are here to help you build your brand and fulfill your goals. But without YOU, there’d be no brand or goals! It’s all too easy to forget to take care of yourself in the midst of “building empires” and creating a business. So we’re here to remind you to always keep your own well-being in mind when growing your brand. And laughter is one sure way to do that.

Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, boost immunity, and can potentially add years to your life. Not only that, but it can build relationships and help diffuse tension or anger when disagreements occur. Think of it, Can you feel stress or frustration in the midst of laughing out loud? I highly doubt it. Laughter shifts your perspective, and can remind you that what once seemed like the end of the world is really not that big of a deal in the big picture.

Benefits for Your Brand

And of course it’s also good for your brand! One study showed that up to 90% of consumers were more likely to remember an ad when it was funny while 48% of them said they didn’t feel they had a relationship with a brand unless it made them smile or laugh. Laughter builds trust. It builds relatability. Humor is a surprise twist to an ad, gets people’s attention, and (most importantly) keeps it. Take this viral ad, for example, for Dollar Shave Club. The overall production cost only landed at $4500, but with over 28 million views…the investment value? Priceless.

Keep in mind, the benefits of humor also resonate within your brand. Sharing a laugh with coworkers creates bonding, enhances teamwork, and diffuses any potential conflicts or drama. Just imagine how sharing this piece of office humor could boost morale, and “humanize” you as the boss!

Ideas to “Find the Funny”

Ok, so this isn’t a hard sell. Everybody enjoys laughing, so the next question is: how to be funny? And one step more: how to be funny for your brand? While there isn’t a clear-cut path to what makes people laugh, we do have some suggestions to help get you started.

  • Know Your Audience and Industry–who makes up your client base? What’s their age category, and what might they value? Stay-at home mom types? Small business owner? College students? Evaluate and write accordingly.
  • Know Your Type of Funny–what style of humor works best for your brand? Deadpan? Observational? Irreverent? How does your brand best express funny, and what style will speak quickest to your customer?
  • Read the Room–with comedy, timing is everything. And the same goes for incorporating humor in your brand’s video. When is the appropriate moment for a laugh? When is it not? Finding that right balance is the key to gold for your videos

So have fun and play! Maybe revisit your favorite comedy or reflect on the last time you had a laugh for inspiration. Remember, laughter is contagious so if you find something funny, there’s a good chance your audience will as well.