3 Books We Recommend on Business and the Creative Process

January 26, 2017

If you want to lead, you’ve got to read.

What a loaded statement! It carries the idea of maintaining a consistent bend towards learning in order to enhance and adapt in both our leadership capabilities as well as the circles we influence.

I attempt (emphasis on ‘attempt’) to read at least 1 book a month and the genre will vary (just to keep it interesting really). I may read fiction, history, philosophy, business development, you name it. And every now and then I take a book that will speak to the creative process and business together. Here are a few in case you are looking for a good read all while working towards a better understanding of the creative process of video and story-telling a brand.

“Creativity, Inc”

I actually listened to this one as an audiobook (and am going through it again a second time now). Founder of Pixar, Ed Catmull’s book “Creativity, Inc” is a stellar and entertaining read. The book is full of stories told by a leader in a world-renowned organization that constantly has to balance business and the creative. Probably the biggest takeaway I got was from the insights the Pixar team learned in an effort to keep the creative environment vibrant while the business grew in scope and demand.

“Crush It”

Just finished this quick but impactful book by Gary Vaynerchuck. If you want to get hyped about social media and video content in general, this is a truly inspiring read. Gary infuses the book with challenges for the reader in the way we think about marketing. He also emphasizes timeless principles keeping an eye on both priorities and trends in the world of business.


This book really has nothing to do with business directly. But indirectly it hits home. The concept of story-telling has become a must for all marketers, salespeople … really anyone in the role of communicating brand and essence. So yeah, that would be all of us. And hey if you are interested in film and screen-writing specifically this is just a fun read.

This is such a small sampling really so send us books you’d recommend as well. It’s a discussion and an opportunity to fill our time with vetted materials that enhance our work. Let’s keep at it.