Decision Making in the Creative Process

February 1, 2021
Boston Based Video Makers Discuss the Creative Process

As in so much of life, work, business, sports–you name it–the creative processes in which we engage involve many decisions.

The importance of learning to make decisions in the creative process is of utmost value too. It can save you countless hours, keep you from being stressed needlessly, and get amazing art and media out there.

Here are a few things we recommend in the process.

#1 – Go with what you’re into, what you’re feeling in the moment.

Go with your gut. More often than not, the first sense on which direction to go will be your best. It may be as a video editor compiling a story, and choosing what to delete and what to keep. It may be the message or storyboard or write-up you are most excited about. Go with that.

If nothing else, at least you will be doing what you are inspired about.

(As a side note: for more on this idea of first impressions, read the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell – great study.)

#2 – Create Backups

For many of the digital creative things we do, there are easy ways to back up content or work done before we delete it for ever.

I know for video editing or sound editing, you can create back-up sequences or tracks that you can save before you cut into the current ‘working’ ones.

Then you can go back to previous versions or ideas should you want.

This gives you a little peace of mind knowing you are not destroying anything forever.

#3 – Have a Sounding Board/Group

Stephen King talks about his wife being his ‘go to’ early draft reviewer. He doesn’t put his books’ drafts out to too many, but he knows his wife’s feedback will be very valuable to him.

Do you have a person or persons you can bring in early to give feedback on your work? It could be a fellow team member in your company, a friend, or family member.

#4 – Don’t Be Afraid

Lastly, it’s good not to overthink some of our creative decisions. Worry and overthinking something can not only wear you out but also be fruitless as well. Alternatively, the energy and joy you bring to your work will greatly effect it for good. And it will inspire you to do more.

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