Working with a Video Production Company vs. DIY

January 2, 2024

Video makes up 82.5% of all global internet traffic. And 91% of brands use video in their marketing. In short, it should be a part of your strategy when it comes to promoting your product and/or brand. So, how to go about creating it? To call for help or go it alone? What are the differences between working with a video production company vs. DIY?

Does Using a Production Company Cost More?

At first glance, you may immediately answer “yes” to this one. But let’s take a closer look.

Sure, it would be cheaper to DIY if your video needs are simple (for example, all you need is your cellphone, a blank backdrop, and decent lighting). But if your brand wants high-quality video that includes multiple shots, different locations, professional-level mics, equipment, and lighting…well, that’s a different story.

The cost of a pro camera, for starters, is easily in the thousands. So, bear in mind these numbers when deciding your video budget, as well as where your video investment will be. If you plan on filming your own video over time and training yourself to do so, buying your own equipment may be useful. But if you’d rather not and would prefer to entrust that to a trained videographer, the expense of a production agency will be worth it.

Will Working with a Video Production Company Save You Time?

In regards to high end video, yes. A lot goes into a video shoot, including lots of pre and post-production. Script prep, casting actors, scouting locations, editing sound, etc…the list goes on. Granted, the amount video production companies get involved in these areas can vary so be sure to clarify what is provided beforehand. But, with a good video production company, they should handle most of this for you.

In addition to this, working with a production company is like expanding your creative team! For one, you won’t be solely responsible for deciding which shots will work best or what angles to shoot your product; but also, for when your creative energy is low, you’ll have other sets of eyes (trained ones, at that) to help inform creative decisions both on and off set.

When NOT to Use a Video Production Agency

As mentioned above, if your video needs are simple, and only require a quiet room, cellphone, and blank wall behind you, we’d recommend foregoing a video production company. And hey, it’s good to create the more personalized vertical “selfie” shorts, found hugely on platforms such as TikTok. In the right format, these are highly effective.

However, as also stated above, video is the leading content online today (and only growing in popularity), so we’d suggest you have a mix of both these as well as high-quality video. In this article, it’s recommended to devote over half of your marketing budget to video alone. We’d second that, encouraging you to be generous with this number for the sake of your brand.

Ultimately, investing in your brand’s video creation is an obvious yes. And creating high end video content, with the support of a team who knows how to do that, is a clearly wise choice.

Investing in a Video Partner

So, where to go from here? An obvious starting place (if you haven’t done so already), is figuring out your video budget, and desired video goals. If you’ve decided it best to hire a video production company to meet them, we’ve made the next step easier for you.

The best way to tell you? Why, through video, of course. 🙂

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