Why You Should Want a Video Partner Versus a One Time Project Video Company

September 26, 2018

There are many reasons why you should want a partner in your branding and not just a production team that shows up and films. Today we at Waves Media want to explain.

I just met with a potential new client and they mentioned the last video company they had worked with. They said their work was ok but they were kind of hard to deal with. And then he said something else: it was as if they never came up with any ideas or input to make things better they just did what they were told. 

This intrigued me as it sounded like the expectations in the mind of the client were one of a partner not just a tech guy who can run a camera. Today I’d like to suggest some reasons why this expectation is spot on. And why it may be just the ticket to a better relationship with the right video vendor or team for you.

Better Bang for your buck

When you have a team that is a partner, you have someone invested. Generally this means they don’t ‘nickel and dime’ for everything (at least this is what we’ve found). Including extras and giving you a great rate is beneficial when there is a long term win for both parties. And overtime the ‘love’ will deepen!

No need to get them up to speed from ground zero

Generally there is a getting to know the people and brand period of time (or at least there should be!). When your partner already “gets” your brand, your communication style, and the overall look, feel, and vibe you want, things go sooooooo much smoother!

Better Quality Long-term

A relationship with the expectation of long-term working together will generally attempt to get better and better. Again, at least it should. To up-deliver the last project – to keep at the top of the industry standards, and beyond. The goal is one of maintaining relationship for sure but there will also be an innate desire to improve and keep impressing. This can be a healthy thing when done with honesty and a everyone wins approach.

Your Team is Bigger!

This may seem obvious, but with a video or marketing partner, your team literally just got bigger. And they are not most likely employees with all that entails. It’s safe yet a giant plus to your team!

They Are Not on Your Team Too! Huh?

This may sound totally opposite but in the same sense your team just got bigger, these new teammates are still outside of your company which can really be good. They will have a different perspective, will be less likely to get involved in politics, will come in fresh each project. This can be a huge breath of fresh air.