What’s Working: Culture Videos

August 29, 2017

Culture videos—not only are they trending, but they’re powerful. A video that gives the outside world a peek into what you and your company do can serve many different purposes. These videos show off the workplace environment and the personalities of you and your employees. They can create more clients, bring in better talent, and inform your current employees. Here’s how we suggest you start.

Future Customers and Clients

Showing potential clients and customers what your company is like behind the scenes can lead to a better understanding of how you operate. The more your customer knows about you the more comfortable they’ll be using your services. Therefore, culture videos help future clients get to know you from the second they see your website, and familiarity can lead to better understandings and working relationships.

Employee Recruitment through Culture Videos

Showing the inner-workings of your company to future clients is important, but showing that same culture to future employees is perhaps even more impactful. Transparency helps people envision themselves working with you and as a result better talent knocks on your door. Giving outsiders the opportunity to see your company from inside makes it easier for them to imagine themselves working with you.

Current Team Members

Your company is great, and so are your employees, but do they know why? Creating culture videos that highlight what your brand represents and what you do best can help your team answer questions like these:

  • What keywords describe our culture?
  • What is our message?
  • How does what I do play a part?
  • How would I describe what I do and who we are to someone outside the company?

So give it some thought: do you think a culture video would work well for you?