What to Expect in Post-Production at Waves

May 14, 2024

We’ve made it! Shoot day is complete, and the words “That’s a wrap!” have been declared. But wait a minute, is it a wrap? Or is there more? The answer is of course, yes, there’s one last phase left to finalize your fantastic video. It’s name? Post-production. And here’s how it goes down at Waves Media.

What IS Post-Production?

While not difficult to guess at, post-production is what occurs AFTER the filming (or ‘production’) is done. It’s where we gather the footage we captured, and start piecing it together to tell your story.

Post-production is where our team truly shines with vast experience in editing and getting the video to it’s optimal place. Of course, you’ll continue on the journey here in giving us feedback as we post versions for review.

Here below are a few other elements you can be aware of along the way.

Backing Up the Back-ups and Reviewing Versions

One of the most important steps any video production company executes is backing up media. As we like to say, “Back up your back-ups”. And we’re not kidding. We know firsthand how much work goes into capturing high quality footage and design, so we ensure it’s well-protected after the shoot in multiple locations as well as in the cloud for virtual back-up.

When it’s time to review drafts, designs, and versions of any video we use Frame.io, for easy and cohesive collaboration with your team and ours in making changes, sharing assets, leaving comments, and approving the final video.

That being said, here’s a note on editing…

All About Editing

As Stephen King once wisely said, “Writing is human, to edit is divine” and by editing he mostly means ‘delete things’.

In other words, as difficult as it can be to cut awesome video footage (and trust us, it’s a struggle sometimes), it often is the most ‘pro’ thing you can do. Sometimes it’s getting rid of entire sections of video that simply are not working or necessary. And other times it’s just a couple frames that need to be deleted to give the video just the right feel. Again, experience is key here! It’s often the difference in making a story truly “sing” versus feeling “flat” or rushed.

And so, since we will be sharing the edits with you, here are some questions you’ll want to consider while reviewing:

  • What was the intention in creating this? Have we met that goal?
  • Is this section or part adding or detracting from the overall story and message?
  • Does it feel all connected or scattered? Is it coherent?
  • Could it be shorter? If yes, why isn’t it?
  • Will the audience “fall off” at any point?
  • Does it flow and bring out impact, emotion, clear direction, and resolution?

Delivery and Optimization

And now, for the most exciting step: delivery! There is nothing quite so satisfying as viewing the final product, and being able to see your original vision executed on screen.

After you’ve marked the video as ‘approved’, we will post it to a personalized webpage and dashboard like this one for sharing and download at different resolutions, so your team has everything they need.

And that’s a wrap!

Our hope of course is that you will be super thrilled, proud, (even wow-ed!) by the end result and that you and your brand look like superstars.

As we at Waves believe, “Video is the most impactful medium currently available to us and its reach is like no other.” So begin creating today. And hey, as with most things, the more you do, the easier it is. So do create video, and do see its amazing results!