What Do You Value?

March 21, 2023

I was speaking the other day to a fellow creator (graphic designer extraordinaire for Reverielane), and we got on the topic of motivation. She was sharing how what drives her in her business has shifted, how she is now coming from a place of doing what she thinks best, disregarding whatever the societal “norms” for entrepreneurs may be. She further continued to say since then her brand has only been growing, and that she feels such freedom and clarity in her messaging (as well as in herself). This resonated with me, and got me thinking. What she was really saying was all about value. She was implementing what she valued, and reaping the benefits. Which makes me ask the question: What do you value?

It Should Be Personal

One of the quotes that first came to my mind when writing this, was the age-old “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Well, I disagree. When it comes to your brand, it should be nothing but personal. Because values are personal. And the more you can connect to what you value most personally, the more authentic your brand will be. Besides, it was most likely your values that inspired you to start your business in the first place. But have they lessened in the midst of the stresses and pressures of growing a brand? Do you even remember what they are?

Revisit and Define

We all can easily forget our initial motivations, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. But good news: the easiest way to revisit and define your values is actually quite simple. As suggested in this TEDTalk, the first question to ask yourself is, What matters to you the most? What are your dealbreakers? As with any relationship, one without boundaries is bound to turn unhealthy (or, in this case, unsuccessful). And that’s what values are: boundaries. Once you (and/or your team) have established clear values for your business, you can build or adjust your steps accordingly. Yep, that’s right, establishing your values makes decision-making for you and your brand much easier!

Revisit and Revisit Again

As with most things in life, values can shift and evolve. What once motivated you, may not carry that power anymore. Or your priorities have changed, so your focus is different. The main point is: don’t ever stop checking in with what you value. Revisit and revisit again, as evolving into your better self (and better brand) should be your ultimate goal. (And should you want some inspiration, we’ve got some of our core values right here.)

Also, surround yourself with like-minded people, both in a personal and professional capacity. That way, if you ever feel lost or confused, you have sources to go to for help and support. After all, trustworthy relationships are an essential part of success, in both life and work.

Be sure to take some time and re-assess where you (and ultimately, your brand) are at. Do you have a clear picture of why you do what you do and what are the values that support that? Or is it a bit foggy? Either way, the clearer you can get that picture, the clearer (and more successful) your message will be.