What Do I Need for a Computer to Create Video

July 19, 2018

If you can operate a cell phone, you can probably learn how to make a video.  Today, anyone can create a video to edit without spending all of their money on expensive pieces of equipment.  When starting a video, any device will do, ranging from a phone to a beefy tower.  Today we at Waves Media want to discuss what equipment best fits the needs of your projects.  Let’s break it down to help you find the right tools to create your video.

Finding a place for footage

For any video editing, you will need an external hard drive to store your footage as video takes up tons of space. In addition to a drive (or drives) to store the footage longterm, ideally you also have a fast and responsive external drive to hold the footage that you work off of – like a thunderbolt hard drive.

Close out any applications that you don’t need open to save storage.  Some applications, like Dropbox, can use a huge amount of power without your even realizing it.  An activity viewer which shows what is taking up the most processing.

Mac or PC?

No need to have the Mac vs. PC debate with others, but definitely have that debate with yourself when choosing a device that will best fit your needs.  There is no right or wrong answer on which device you choose because they are both great. PC’s can be customized so if you know what you’re doing go for it. Macs can handle media (graphics, photos, videos, audio) very well innately and they come ready to use out of box — just pick the appropriate specs. Just remember a dedicated graphics card is a must for a video editor and plenty of RAM.

It really all comes down to which computer you are more comfortable with using, because that will make you most effective.

What about graphics?

As you will more than likely be using your computer for more than just basic video editing, it’s good to consider other things in your choice for purchasing. Generally speaking (very generally!) photography, web and graphic design will need less ‘power’ than video processing while motion graphics software like Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D will require more. For way more tech specs watch our video below!

Start Creating!

When first starting out in video editing having the “biggest and baddest” system is ideal – and fun! However, it is usually a very costly option.  There are so many products, without all the bells and whistles, that can help you achieve your goal of getting started video editing.  Don’t worry if you are on a small budget, get what you can and most importantly: start creating!

What Do I Need for a Computer to Start Video Editing? from Waves Media on Vimeo.

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