The Partner Plan and 5 Initial Reasons Why It’s Awesome

March 1, 2022
Murrieta Video Production Team on Partner Plan

At Waves, we understand that the best and most impactful work relationships are the ones built in an ongoing collaboration. And so we have created our Partner Plan.

With Waves Partner Plan, high-quality consistent video content is attainable and doable.

Here are just 5 reasons we think this new offering is amazing.

Video is the leading medium for content

We have seen first-hand just how much video content can help companies. And all of us see first-hand that people are connecting with video content more than ever.

A recent survey indicated that for the past five years, over 80% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. This has increased their ROI and their number of leads.

Content is king.

Worry-free consistency

A consistent output for your brand’s content online and elsewhere is a fantastic means to develop a loyal audience. With our team’s help, video content can be consistently created and shared. And so you don’t need to worry.

Consistency is another king. It shows that you are active and engaging.

Better planning

Another advantage to the partner plan is knowing more in advance. In turn this helps planning.

You can more effectively budget for video marketing each month and spread out your content throughout the year. All while staying on point with the large goals you have.

Doing sporadic projects present more scheduling and budgeting hurdles. Our partner plan gives you confidence moving forward.

Same look and feel

A huge benefit to ongoing work together with one video provider is that all the content produced holds true to your brand each and every time.

You don’t need to re-introduce vendors time and again. Vetting and time consumed by onboarding are at a minimum.

Full-time professional video team

You can rest peacefully knowing that your vision is in the hands of cutting-edge professionals.

This ensures quality in each project and each video. And it keeps it all fresh.