Waves Media Video Production Brand Update

May 8, 2019

In 2014 we designed the Waves Media video production brand and it started something new for us then. We were beginning new things and bringing more to our clients. Since then and during that time, we have grown and continued to look towards what is next.

2014 Waves Media Logo

This year, we have felt the same thing stirring in us here. We have felt more coming and big steps in our near future. We have brought our services to Southern California, in between San Diego and Los Angeles, in addition to the Northeast where we have called home for many years. Within all this, we felt a new look was due. Something updated to match how we felt with what was happening and stirring in the Waves world.

2019 Waves Media Brand

Logo Mark

We wanted to incorporate the triangles of our old logo which represented the ‘waves’, but also wanted to simplify what the logo meant to what we do; hence the play button is broken into triangles.


We needed a pop of color. What we love about modern brands, is their willingness to just go for a bright and bold color. Use all the ink! So that is what we did. We found the brightest and boldest blue, while still retaining the feeling of depth. And who doesn’t love gradients?


One thing we didn’t do in 2014 with our brand was design patterns to use throughout the brand. So we did. And it has made life easier when designing! We have a couple to use now as you may have seen around the site.

2019 Waves Media Video Production Brand Pattern 1
2019 Waves Media Video Production Brand Pattern 2

Brand Announcement Video

We couldn’t help but make this fun animation of our new brand. Enjoy!

We are a full in-house video production shop. We also design and develop our website, delivery page, and here, we have designed our new brand. We hope that it represents to you who we are, and what we do.