Waves Media Opening in San Diego CA!

January 16, 2019

Our team at Waves Media is excited to announce we are opening ‘shop’ in San Diego CA! After a year plus of planning, our video production work is expanding to the west coast.

Over the past few years we have been fortunate to have filmed in the LA, Phoenix, and San Francisco areas, as well as other big west coast locations such as Seattle. And now, for various reasons, we thought the time had now come to make a move for a more constant presence here.

Needless to say our team is amped to have a bigger stretch. For one thing, the weather in southern California is pretty nice! Also, the high energy and amount of entrepreneurship in the region is incredible.

Plus, after establishing a presence and base in the Boston MA and NH area this will now allow our network to be on both coasts.

Our long term goals as a company in expanding:

  • To have a national presence and be able to serve brands throughout the US in high level video production and marketing.
  • Offer our clients a super talented and professional network of creatives for the entire gamut of video work.
  • Continue to allow brands to utilize our offerings on a stream-lined and very virtual level all while doing ‘killer’ production work.

Waves Media Video Production on Set

What’s Ahead?

As a result of this move, we are preparing for a lot of travel initially. Going between coasts, all while building a network of creatives that already is pretty amazing.

For our crew, it feels like the sky’s the limit. And to our followers and partners: feel free to get the word out about our work to companies in and around southern California. Heh, and anywhere for that matter!