Vigg Designs – Small Business Video

March 30, 2015

Small Business Video Highlights the Amazing Work of So Many

Introduced to John Vigg, owner of Vigg Design, by a mutual client (Toyota NY Region), we were able to spend the day with him and his team, creating a few small business videos.

The work they do is stellar.  You can tell why they have loyal customers due to the skill they have developed in their craft.  One of their car detailers, for example, did many things by hand you would think could only be done by a machine to get the precision needed. See the video below for an example of this and some of their final products. In a phrase, real artisans.

Overall, John is a low key guy.  He loves his Toyota Tundra truck, and has a real keen insight into his community.  On the side, he runs the ‘Art Tank’, a studio dedicated to inspiring and educating young people to work at their art and get a grasp on what it is to not only create their work but also have a game plan for what they want to do with it.  In his words, bringing the business element and merging it with the creative, a necessary duo for success.

John also keeps a journal of sorts – a collection of meaningful and helpful quotes.  He has found in times of discouragement or moments of lost vision, pulling out his book has helped him find the direction and focus needed. Keeping the main thing the main thing, as it were.  At the Toyota NY yearly winter business meeting, John and his team hand-crafted books of these quotes to gift to all the owners and managers there.  A real and lasting gift.  And a testament to what we can expect from the next generation of entrepreneurs.

It’s small businesses like his that we love spreading the word about. Check out this video we created with his company.

Vigg Design from Waves Media on Vimeo.