Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

September 5, 2023

Every marketing department strives towards more professional and impactful content to attract customers. And with 91% of consumers wanting more online video content from brands, it’s easy to see why companies are incorporating it more and more. This, and also because of it’s share-ability, search engine benefits, and higher conversion rates. Unfortunately, many marketing teams jump into video without being fully prepared. Here are some tips to help make sure that your video marketing strategy is a success from the beginning.

What will you accomplish?

Be clear about your goals. Are you trying to sell a product or service? Recruit new talent? Raise money?

Knowing what you want your video to do for your company will determine what you need: a product explainer, talking-head video with your CEO, a series of impactful interviews, or maybe all three!

What kind of content does your marketing strategy call for?

Determining video content can be overwhelming because it means creating a strong narrative. First off, what’s your brand’s story? To help you and your marketing team tell it, look at other companies that have persuasive video content. What are they doing to tell their story and sell their product/service that keeps you engaged? Don’t be afraid to borrow from your competitors!

Where is your audience?

Are you making videos for social media? An event? The homepage of your website?

Deciding exactly where your new video will “live” affects what kind of video you need. Be specific when working with a video production agency for better results. Different platforms need different kinds of videos. For example, if you’re creating video for TikTok, you’ll want short-form vertical video; whereas, if the content is an explainer video for your website, you might want a more in-depth, longer video. In short, the more you can tell us, the better the final video product.

Be specific

When planning your video marketing strategy, the more specific you can be, the better. Decide how many videos you need, how long you want them to be, and what they are each about. Know your budget and who you want to include in each video. The more you know about your vision, the more we can produce content that you love. And, should you want help with this process, we at Waves Media have created a video partner plan for just that reason. Happy creating!