Video Marketing: How Are You Telling Your Story?

August 17, 2022

Everyone has a story to tell. We have the opportunity to tell interesting stories, rather dull stories, and everything in-between. When it comes to business marketing and communications, this is no different. Every business, large or small, well established or brand new, has a great story that will interest their prospective audiences. Quality storytelling is hard though, and as a marketer, you may become discouraged at times thinking of how to communicate effectively and truthfully, all-the-while wanting to be relevant and exciting to the listener/reader/watcher. So how to keep your audience’s attention? And how to craft a narrative that accurately depicts your brand’s motivation? Here are some pointers we put together to help you create your brand’s engaging story.

Be Relatable

Your audience must be able to relate to the story. If they check out within the first minute, they will never engage or care about what you are communicating. The viewer has to sympathize with what you are saying. Sympathy and empathy prepares a comfortable space where your audience will care about the story you are telling.

Be Personable

Include your audience in the conversation. Make it personal for each individual who is watching. Visual marketing has a powerful impact on emotions, so think of that person sitting at their desk and address them. Speak to their needs and thoughts, and take them on a journey to solve whatever their problem might be.

Motivated Storytelling

Be intentional in communicating your business’s motivation and ensure that it resonates with your audience. This is the crux of the story, the foundation of why you do what you do. Every other part of the story is built off of this, so it must be understood and latched onto.

Be Uniquely YOU

Who you are matters, but make sure that personality is consistent! Don’t attempt to fabricate a persona or story that has worked in the past for someone else. Use your own personality and make sure you are genuine and creative. Your audience will appreciate authenticity over a copy of something that they have already seen. To speak with a voice that is not yours is easily recognizable and consumers will pick up on it quick.

Finish Strong

To be sure, the most memorable parts of your video will be the first and last moments. Any good story succeeds in capturing and holding attention, and by the end brings completion and resolve. Your audience is seeking to have their questions answered and their problems solved. So a good story—a successful story—needs to be complete.

Here is an example of a heartfelt story that we did with Labouré College. As you watch, think of the way this personal story about Nick Barry makes you feel about the nursing community in general. You will see how telling a genuine story through your business can positively impact not only you but also, your viewers.

Laboure College Nurse Awards – Nicholas Barry from Waves Media on Vimeo.

So think back to the stories that first held your attention, the ones that you remember. And think about the story you want to tell, the story that motivated you to begin your brand in the first place. If you can connect to the narrative that excited you about your business, others will as well.

photo credit: “The Swedish Book Corner” Ami Photography