More Video Ideas for Your Brand

March 7, 2019

Feeling uninspired when it comes to creating content for your brand? We’ve been there. With such high marketing demands placed on your business, it can be challenging to produce compelling and meaningful messaging. The good news? We’ve got some solutions, with our best video ideas for your brand right here. 

Training Video Library for Your Customers

Think long-term about creating an online library for your customers with videos and written content. If it’s enticing and valuable material, you could offer access on a for-purchase basis. Or you could use it to engage them with great free content that brings value and keeps them coming back for more.

Ideas for the actual videos could be anywhere from instruction by an industry expert or a team member showing them how to better use the product you offer. Contemplate ‘game-ifying’ the experience by offering points or status, as users complete each level or watch videos. Fun and engaging, all while educating!

Onboarding Videos for Your Team Members

On boarding team members should be fun and inspiring! What better way to educate a new employee than through funny, informational, succinct, and well put together videos. You could do the same for further development and training down the road as well.

Webpage Complementary Videos

According to this study, people are far more likely to watch than to read! So take advantage of this, and make a video for each of your website pages. A few of our suggestions below:

  • If you have FAQs, make a light-hearted video answering those.
  • On your pricing page, consider putting a video next to the dollar signs. Pricing can come across a lot better when it’s explained in terms of value.
  • The most boring page on your site is often–(you guessed it)–the contact page. Why not actually put a ‘face’ to it, with a reel of your team living, working, smiling. 🙂
  • Any web page can have a corresponding video or videos. Think outside the box. As an example, here’s an explainer video, showing the brand’s product with some humor and warmth.

Webinars and Podcasts

These are ‘in’ these days, and seemingly not going anywhere! Live webinars are great but can also be archived later and turned into audio podcasts, so they have a longer shelf life. Engage with celebrities in your field, customers, team members, etc and shop-talk. If you build it and stay at it, they will come!


Trying to attract the best talent? Of course you are! Put your best foot forward with a polished and impressive video spot communicating that. You are a great place and team to work with. Your people think so, your customers think so… say so! First impressions are important. If they just walk in physically to your office, you could be having an ‘off’ day and not impress. But a tailor-made video will always strike a good chord with your viewer.

Announcement Videos

Do you have any events or big changes coming up? I just saw an in-house and funny piece made by a partner client of ours announcing a dinner cruise they were taking the entire team on (100s of people btw!). The CEO wore a funny hat and played the role perfectly in the little skit. Talk about making the announcement a bit more meaningful, while also stirring up excitement in their team!

Event Sizzle Reels

Speaking of events, are you covering them? So often so much work goes into the planning of them that no one even thinks about getting the word out about it. You could leave a fantastic reminder of how great it was to all your attendees post-event–often, we’ve found sizzle reels usually make it feel even better than it actually was! Or you could create a more condensed version of a multi-day event, like this one done with our friends at TCIA.

Testimonial Pieces

Nothing elaborate needed here. (Though you could do it up right with good pre-production planning and really make it cinematic too!) But if you want, just film your customers as best you can, when you can. This may be at that event they are attending. Just grab it. Use it for SEO and your reviews. Tag the person or brand. Compile a ton of these! Here’s a super simple sample of one we did for our brand.