Video Ideas for Your Brand

June 19, 2023

Ok, so we get this question a decent amount: what type of videos do you offer? The short answer is “Anything you can think of!” But that of course doesn’t say much, as it’s so general. Today there a few specific types of video we do a lot, so we want to share them with you to help you get video ideas for your brand. Here we go!

Explainer Video

The ‘Explainer Video’ is going to be one of your brand’s most important. According to the Apple Dictionary an ‘explainer’ is “a statement, article, or video that provides an explanation of a concept, topic, situation”. In short, it tells what you, your company and/or product are all about. The problem you answer, the solution your product brings, the story that explains your business idea.

Explainer videos are many times animated (see sample here) but they don’t have to be: live works too.

You Need a Coach from Waves Media on Vimeo.

Doc Narrative

Story, story, story. Narratives most often happen with people telling the story. Pretty straightforward, really, but a super powerful means to communicate what happened or what makes something incredible.

Documentary style is pretty well known so not much need to explain what is meant by ‘doc’. However, one thing to keep in mind is that ‘doc narratives’ often have a specific less ‘flashy’ feel, as it is meant to keep the story front and center with a super down-to-earth vibe. Take this story we filmed a few years ago.

Stephanie Montgomery – Mass Care Award Winner from Waves Media on Vimeo.

“Sizzle” Reel

Most often what is known as a ‘sizzle’ reel is made from coverage of an event but could also include a reel of highlights from your design work, company work from the past year, etc. It’s not only a great way to get the word out about all the cool stuff going on but also a fantastic means for celebration with your team at year’s end.

A sizzle reel from an event can be tough to shoot in-house but with a crew that is both creative and good on their feet it’s super possible. Here’s one we made with Toyota NY and Gary Vee a few years ago.

Toyota Miami – Highlight from Waves Media on Vimeo.

“BTS” Behind the Scenes Video

What used to be only for internal use is now becoming more and more the rage. Behind the Scenes stuff is not only now acceptable thanks to the social media world, but often desired. Your brand has to be tangible and real on some level. People want to see the going on’s and the people behind the magic. It makes you and your business relatable. So don’t be afraid to let people in! May just be the trick to take you and your brand to the next level.

Here’s one we shot with our friends at Huggins Hospital in New Hampshire (fun putting this one together too!).

Huggins Hospital – Blooper Reel from Waves Media on Vimeo.

So, that’s a start to get you going! But remember, there are many, many video types to create for your brand. So think outside the box, have fun, and if you need more help, give us a call. We’d love to chat. 🙂