Video Ideas for New and Small Businesses

May 1, 2018

As a small video production studio in NH, we at Waves Media love and hope to support our fellow start-up entrepreneurs. Today we want to offer some ideas for videos you can make that will perhaps aid in growing your image and audience, while you grow.

“Just Thinking Out Loud” Video

Why not bring your audience on the journey with you? Grow your audience while you grow. Grow engagement from your audience with the questions you have or are exploring. People love giving input.

It’s been said it’s more valuable having just a hundred views and a hundred comments than thousands of views of your videos with only a few (or no!) comments. An engaged audience is a great sign of good content: it means it’s ‘speaking’ to people.

Are you worried about not appearing perfect? Toss that out – and quick. It is actually okay to say you don’t know everything! For one thing, people actually admire humility (everyone knows they are imperfect too!). And most viewers can see clearly through a smoke screen of supposed ‘perfection’. Especially if you are younger. It is probably impossible to be an authority on something you’ve hardly actually done for that long anyway.

So be learning yourself. You can still say what you have learned thus far, but encompass it with the true spirit of a student as well.

V-log Your Blog!

It’s pretty great when you already have the content for your video made. Many times your written blog entry could translate really well to screen. It will probably need mild editing of the text to make it on video but the bulk of the work is already done for you.

It will also enhance your blog entry. Even if you just have yourself on camera talking it out (with no b-roll added). Most are more likely to watch than read anyway.

Special Guest Video

You are more than likely networking if you are a start-up. As you meet people and contacts keep your mind open to having someone on camera or a podcast with you. It’s a win-win for everyone. You are helping each other introduce their audiences to one another and building engagement and influence. And you are enhancing content with perspectives from one another’s expertise or focus.

And the video will just be more interesting. A variety on screen feels more fun and allows for a real time response to what you are saying from the other person (as opposed to you just talking to the camera alone with no immediate interaction or embellishing).

Behind the Scenes Video

This could be as simple as a couple clips of your work space, a team meeting, a project you are on, or a workflow you have for a common task or service you offer.

Just be you. Feel free to clean up the office a bit of course and do it at a time of day you are upbeat – a little smiling is preferred!

And to close here’s a shameless plug: check out a little BTS (Behind the Scenes) video we made on a pretty yummy shoot day.