Tips for a successful video call or remote interview recording


  • Make sure you have a strong internet signal on your device/laptop
  • Choose a quiet and bright place
  • Make sure any loud appliances or other devices are turned off or unplugged
  • Be seated away from any loud vents (AC/heat/etc)
  • Don’t shoot with a window or strong light source behind you
  • Please do not wear any logos, writing, or other distracting graphics
  • Don’t wear patterns with small stripes or dots as these can create strange visual effects
  • Using window light off-camera is ok if it falls naturally and evenly on your face
  • Don’t sit with your back against the wall. Instead position yourself at least five or six feet from it if the space allows. This will create a nicer look depth to the shot
  • Position your laptop at eye level (if needed put it on a stand or some books)

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