Video Bios: Put Your Best Foot Forward

December 14, 2020

Our team has done many video bios over the years for companies in a variety of sectors. Only recently has it truly dawned on us how valuable these can be.

But first, what is a video bio? It’s just what it sounds like actually: a video of someone’s story, or an ‘about me’ if you will.

If you are considering video content at all for your brand, here are a few reasons we believe video bios are worth it.

Video Bios Are Personable

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video a million. Your name in text on a website is one thing, but show your face, some personality, and you in action on a video: “Voila!” Video bios show-off your undefinable qualities; things like demeanor, warmth, humor, tone, communication skills, charisma, humor, and persona.

Your Video Can Travel Where You Cannot

In a time of social distancing… video is a self-evident necessity. Both to communicate with team members on platforms like Zoom. And to convey messaging to customers. It’s global, not limited to time and space as well as re-useable. Over and over again. Talk about allowing yourself to be everyone at once!

It is Your Best Foot Forward

Say it exactly as you want. Thoughtful, emotional, concise. You can pre-script it or if you feel more comfortable go ‘off the cuff’. And then allow editing to do the polishing.

People Are More Likely To Watch Than Read

We all know how much more likely we are to hit play on a video than read extensively about someone or a something. And our videos need not play too long. Short sub one minute pieces may do just the trick. But of course feel free to put it in text as well. Not only does this give people options but may help your SEO.