Understanding Your Audience

May 29, 2019

Who is watching your videos? What draws them in the first place? Who do you actually want to view them? How much interaction and engagement is happening between your team and each individual? These are crucial questions we would like to explore.

Views Versus Engagement

A hundred comments on your video is worth more than thousands of views. This drives home a point you should be considering. Aim to engage not just to have someone come across your material.

Keep in mind people need a way to engage as well. Comment threads on your blog should be possible. Make sure question and answer forums on your product page are maintained…. that sort of thing.


With tools like Google analytics for YouTube and even ones built into other platforms like Vimeo, you can see who is watching your videos and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Vimeo advanced stats (for example) shows you how many views you have had and other things like how many people actually finished the video. Other data such as their physical locale, type of device they viewed it on (tablet, desktop, phone), average time people stay watching your video, etc. can all be very useful data.

Understanding Your Audience
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“Answering” Your Audience’s Felt Need With Appropriate Content

Not all brands need to be producing the same types of videos. Some brands would have far more engagement from a tutorial how to video that their audience would need and use.

Other brands would benefit greatly from stories and testimonials from customers. Your potential patrons could really be waiting to hear from others ‘in their plight’ so as to assure them the purchase of your good or service is trustworthy and worth it.

Finally, ASK questions in the first place. Communicate that feedback IS desired. Engage FIRST to inspire more interaction and discussion.

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