The Potential Magic of Video

March 21, 2017

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the potential power of video and realized yet again how powerful it can be. It’s somewhat like your web presence. We’ve all heard of companies that are actually working out of a basement or garage and yet, with a great website, fool almost everyone into thinking they are huge! It’s kinda miraculous, and shows just what the power of video can do for you.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

We, as a company, are always attempting to do the same as you: ‘putting your best foot forward’ as it were, and honing in on what makes you, you.

Video can showcase the meaning and message behind hundreds and thousands of work hours, tireless nights, learning, and teachable moments companies and individuals go through. It can make your audience absolutely fall in love with you and your brand. But how to get there? Well, a couple of thoughts about best practices in making that magic happen.

Maintain Your Quality

First off, quality IS important. Again, just like your web or graphic design – it really represents you. I have heard people say things like “Well I have a camera (phone) and think I can make a nice video in iMovie” – I struggle not to throw up right there as they often just told me how unique what they do is – yikes. That phone footage may cut it for personal and family stuff but not in representing a powerful mission statement, a truly engaging and funny commercial, or a story beaming with emotion. Getting a professional crew with the know-how, the gear, the creative edge is really … everything. Stories can be brought to life if you allow them. And yeah, that often takes resource, time, thought, and yup…. money.

Invest in Your Pre-Production

Second, don’t gloss over the pre-production time. What I mean by this is that the planning is crucial to the creation of something special. Conversation/good discussion, storyboards, concept creation, script, shot lists, talent picking, etc — the video is almost all made long before “record” is ever hit. And as a producer, it makes the shoot/filming so much smoother and more effective.

Keep It Simple

Finally, KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart). We often try to fit in so so much into one video. But keep the main thing the main thing. Your audience only takes in a small percentage of what they see anyway so hone in and get feedback from various people on how the video makes them feel, what was their take-away(s), and do they love you now or does it make them feel indifferent. Messaging, messaging, messaging – it’s far more than just the words said (though that is a good starting place). It’s the entire mood, the talent’s personalities, and creative inspiration that drive your work from being unnoticeable to truly standing out. Yup, it’s kind of like magic.

Oh and here’s a shameless plug for us at Waves Media. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with us too!