The Impact of Titles in Your Video

October 2, 2019
Filmmakers in Temecula CA discuss video subtitles and closed captioning

Subtitles and captions get overlooked in video usage. Today we’d like to give you some reasons why you would want to utilize them. Their purpose can be multi-faceted and the impact great for your content sharing.

Social Media

We are in the middle of a project with our client right now creating ads for their brand. The final length of 15 seconds and 6 seconds.

As with some social media platforms sound will not play on your video until the user clicks it on. So titles can be a very important element to grab attention and get them to engage.

Other Languages

Are there viewers you want to reach that speak a different language. Maybe your industry is specific to a certain culture or you simply want to branch out your reach to more people. In lieu of actually creating videos filmed in that language which can require more resource, why not put in subtitles they can read? In turn your viewer potential will go up, perhaps drastically.

CC for SEO Purposes

Closed Captions (or CC) can help your SEO. For example, YouTube offers a great and easy way to add them too after your video is posted. Check out how here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en

And closed captions are a cool way to reach hearing impaired viewers as well!

Titles Can Help Drive Your Point Home

The final reason is well, why not? Titles in your video will be just one more mode of engagement with your viewers. As we like to say, add to the ways people can engage with your media. The more ways the added value.