The Call Sheet: Practical Planning

October 9, 2019
NH Video Crew Call Sheet Video App

Working towards better and better collaboration, our team at Waves has implemented a new feature built into the Waves app. It is a necessary item known as the ‘call sheet’. Outlining the plans for the day a clear call sheet should be part of any pre-production process.

What is a “Call Sheet”?

Call sheets are essential. They provide a clear and simple picture of the contacts and people involved in a shoot and what their roles will be at the production. You can include emails and phone numbers for all or just the key directing personnel.

These prep sheets should also have clarified addresses and any instructions about locations.

Finally, call sheets will have a general rough schedule including the call or arrival time, who should report at what time, and a basic rundown of the shoot plan.

Waves Kick Butt Call Sheet

Waves now has built into our app the call sheet as part of the prep. Right on your dashboard, it’s shareable at the link provided. This is the same page at which your project final deliverables will be as well as a link to the review and editing space.

NH Video Crew Call Sheet Video App

Among other things this dashboard also contains links at which you can contact us. And is the place to view, download, and share all the projects your team has done with Waves Media.

The Simple Value

Typically the call sheets used are clunky, hard to read, or pricey to buy or you need a membership to even utilize it. On the other hand, often it’s just a Word document someone threw together, or super pricey to use. With this now added feature no more need to chase them down in random email threads. It’s all right here, and as usual nice to look at. So share away with your team, cast, and crew.