3 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Clients

November 16, 2020

With all that is going on in our world today, there are various limitations facing many of our partners and clients. When proximity isn’t an option, how can businesses stay connected to, and communicate well, with their clients and community? As video producers, we’ve been hit with these new limits as well. Because of that, we’ve been working hard to find new, and sometimes old, ways to stay in touch.

Here we are highlighting a few really cool ideas some of our awesome clients came up with to overcome these new limits!

A Drive In Theater Gala

Ok. I smiled when I first heard this one. Huggins Hospital called saying they wanted to find a way to celebrate their employees, especially during this time of social distancing. So, they rented out a drive-in theatre in beautiful and rural New Hampshire, and hosted a great event apart-together. This not only gave their community something to work on together and build anticipation for, but it also gave them something to collaboratively look forward to with excitement.

Free Video Content

We love how Homebase reached out to their community and clients with free video content; daily workout routines to be done at home as well as other how to and instructional vignettes. Staying in line with their mission of helping Service Members and their families heal from traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress (PTS), and related conditions, they’ve continued to give their support and presence through free content online. They also continue to offer ongoing virtual events and ways to connect. This keeps them as a presence in their community so people are aware of their services, and provides their client base with multiple ways to connect and reach out.

Handwritten Notes

Simple. Old school. But still so effective! Some of our most meaningful connections have been sparked by a handwritten note. While the virtual world opens the globe to us, pen and paper still have a way of making us feel noticed, accepted, at home. Grab some blank or branded notecards, and send a few handwritten notes to your incredibly valuable clients. And with the holidays coming, well wishes, short and sweet, will be much appreciated.

In Conclusion

Out of necessity, we all have had to get creative during this past season. Our best advice? Keep the creative juices flowing and going! Adaptability is vital for small businesses. And to pivot when we are thrown into changing situations is where we shine.