How to Build Your Team Using Video

March 29, 2021
Build Your Team With Video By Southern California Videographers

I was talking to a couple managers the other day over dinner. They were discussing their need to onboard very large groups for their brand. As many teams are building or rebuilding, video can help make that endeavor successful.

There are so many ways to create video content that will help build your team, train them, and get the word out about your culture. Here are a few we’ve seen done successfully.

Recruiting Videos

So many have figured out creative ways to tell others about the opportunity to work with them. Here’s one I just love! You can do it interview style, prompter led, stop motion, picture based, you name it. Get the word out on why you need them and want them. And why they should want to be on the team as well.

Onboarding + Training Videos

As mentioned above with my friends, many many hours/days/weeks/resources often go into training new staff. Videos and playlists of them for your new teammate can help here. They can be omnipresent, re-useable resources, polished, more fun and effective than the laborious task of not using videos.

Nowadays too, you can easily organize videos on web-based platforms so people can check them off as they go.

Culture Videos

Now the above videos are in essence all about your culture, but you may want to stress ‘who we are’ from time to time. This can affirm hard-working team members, remind everyone of why you do what you do, and overall just get the word out about it all!

Behind the Scenes

Have some fun! After all video should be just that! Some behind the scenes, employee video skits, video contests, or a day in the life of one of your workers could just fit the bill.

Word from “Fill in the Blank”

In a time where face to face doesn’t always happen, a casual or more polished video of leadership casting vision to the team can bring solidarity. But don’t just go generic with this. Again, think outside the box. The sky’s the limit.