Exciting News and Updates: Waves Video Strategy and Conceptual Design for Clients

August 21, 2019
Southern California Video Company Waves Media Company Portals

2019 has been nothing but amazing for our team and company development thus far. Earlier this year, we were thrilled to release a more streamlined and ‘good looking’ post-production and delivery system. And now we are updating our pre-production and strategy features. All for our amazing clients and partners!

We cannot unveil everything at this point, but can tease and give some ideas of what will be getting released next. Here are a few of the bigger value points.

A Better Strategy

Underway we are implementing some pretty powerful software tools that will both analyze and suggest better practices for your videos performances online.

Clear data driven results comparing competitors, best channel practices, and more will drive home suggestions for implementation and video creation strategies. More on this soon!

Beautiful Concepts and Treatments

With our in house design work making it both clean, simple, and even fun, your company portal will now contain well defined concept treatments per project. And it will all be within your portal, in one place.

Per Project Breakdowns, Call Sheets

For a long time, we’ve been looking at solutions for better per project planning before we ever film anything. But nothing was clicking for us that would work well for both our team and the teams with whom we work. Finally, we decided to create it ourselves.

Coming soon we will be rolling out both “Call Sheets” for the day of shoots as well as shot list collaboration. All so planning is simple, shareable, and done well.

Continued Simple Post-work Collaboration and Delivery of Final Videos

Our post-production review process and platform for delivery made huge upgrades earlier this year. And we will continue to better this. Some of the most recent updates however have been the following:

  • All projects final ‘deliverables’ all in one place stretching the breadth of your brand’s relationship with Waves Media
  • Final deliverables now come with different downloadable sizes (powered by Vimeo) for the several different uses you may have for output
  • Project status: now you can see what projects are ‘in progress’ and which are completed. For ‘in progress’ videos you can access a ‘share’ link for the review page so you can invite others to collaborate.