End of the Year Look Back #3: Toyota

December 18, 2019
Southern CA Video Waves Media and Their Relationship with Toyota

Some of the most fun trips we’ve ever done at Waves Media were with our partner and client Toyota. This was because the people we worked with were super personable. On top of this, the places and stories we got to document were beautiful, interesting, and diverse.

Toyota New York Region

We actually began our relationship with Toyota NY and their regional offices. Initially it was to cover a pretty cool event (which turned into a series of events).

The essence of the events was quite simple. It was a competition between local non-profits using a Toyota Prius to do their organization’s errands. While doing these, the goal was to see who could get the highest mile per gallon (MPG) over a month period. In turn, the winning team would receive funds for their cause from Toyota.

The events were lively, fun to capture (see the very first one above!).

From There

After the video series was complete our relationship blossomed even more. There were meet ups, emails, and literal handshakes. And made with some really amazing groups, individuals, and teams within the very very large Toyota family. On top of the Toyota team themselves we got our first intro to big influencers who helped shape the way we do business as well.

And as a result of this web of relationships, there were countless trips to Florida, Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey, and other locations. We got to highlight stories like this one. Or events like this one in Detroit.

It’s always been pretty cool too when you see a giant like Toyota on a different plain. When it’s not just about a corporation but the people that make that up. And that is probably one of the biggest discoveries we’ve made working with them. From community projects to making sales and everything in between.