“Sick in Bed” – a Video Project Study

February 19, 2019

Sometimes the best ideas come super quick to you. And the ones you worked so hard at get thrown out. That’s what happened recently with a concept sheet we proposed to a new customer of ours.

A Simple Idea Wins

BHSF (Baptist Health South Florida) contacted us via an ongoing partner of ours (American Well). They were looking to create 2 spots showing off their brand new “Telehealth” app: Care On Demand. We and the team at Strong House proposed 5 or 6 pretty good concepts. A couple were a bit too involved for the tight timeline but a few gained some traction. However, 2 of those would prove too difficult to pull off in the deadline of 6 weeks to launch so…

One day after work I was getting out of the shower and it dawned on me in a few seconds what the concept should be staring at my bed. The story would be of a woman in bed with her child. She does not want to go to the doctors for various reasons and thus tele-health would be perfect.

When I brought this concept to the team, they loved how simple it was and straight to the point. We began planning production.

Steps in Making “Sick in Bed”

With the help of a partner modeling agency NEMG we got to gathering an abundance of virtual auditions, mostly recorded on iPhones. Narrowing in on a few finalists who fit the demographic needed, we decided to go with an actress we had worked with before named Christine Koesler. Our ‘little girl’ actress however had never acted. Though concerned we figured let’s go for it anyway. And in the end she did very well.

Day of production it was snowing and slippery on the New Hampshire roads heading to the house we’d be filming in. The set needed to look like it was a sunny Miami day though. Lighting it was a nice soft diffusion with a big Fiilex Matrix II we got a pretty nice affect.

The crew, cast, and client on set were really amazing. The day actually ended 2 hours early if you can believe it.

Post production included only a few rounds of revisions too which was a testimony to the good pre-production work that got us all on the same page.

In the end, it’s one of our favorite projects we’ve done for a brand yet. And here it is.