Shooting Video with Drones

July 31, 2017

Drones are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They’re fun and challenging to fly and literally bring humans to new heights. By helping us explore our world from a different angle they’ve quickly become an exciting novelty. It’s our job to showcase your company in new, unexpected ways so naturally drones have become part of our repertoire. However, just because they show the world in a new way doesn’t mean they should be used for everything. Keep reading below for some tips on how to use drones more effectively.

Use It Sparingly

Before using a drone be sure to ask yourself this question to ensure you’re not just using it because it’s cool: How does drone footage tell the story better than “normal” footage? Some shoots are well suited to tons of drone footage, and others don’t need any. Know the difference and be prepared to abandon footage on the cutting room floor if it doesn’t suit your needs.

If You’ve Got It, Don’t Flaunt It

Just because you have a drone doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. Often the best drone footage lets the viewer forget it was shot with a drone altogether. Frame a drone shot the same way you would an anchored shot: close to the ground and your subject. Just because you can’t get a camera operator next to the tip of a crane 100s of feet in the air doesn’t mean you can’t act like you did.

Safety First

Drones are toys, yes, but don’t treat them like one. Drones have regulations and rules that exist for a reason, so follow them! Keep yourself and those around you safe by hiring professionals (like us!) for any kind of drone work.