Getting Started With Your Pro Video Setup

April 21, 2021
San Diego Video Makers

So you want to get started at making your own video but you want it to be pro. There are many options out there. But today, we are putting out some basic ideas and specific links to things you can get to get started today.


As stated above, there are many good options for a camera that is both budget friendly and pushing higher quality standards.

And of course you can always use your phone too. Phones can really do some pretty nice imagery these days. But if you want to take it up to a more pro look and settings, a nice camera like the Black Magic Design Pocket series can really make incredible video. There will be a learning curve but so worth it!


If you are looking for an all in one lens for your pocket camera or dslr getting a nice zoom with a fixed aperture will be great. Check out Sigma’s Art series. A bit on the pricey side but again, these are pro and really crisp and sharp.


The simplest way to stabilize your camera is still the tried and true tripod. Here’s a budget one that does a terrific job with smaller cameras but has a pro feel. Keeping your footage stable is crucial BUT so is the ability to easily manage your tripod so don’t get cheap plastic ones.


Here’s a great 3 light kit with a bunch of flexibility. And it doesn’t break the bank or draw too much power since it’s LED technology. With 3 lights you can do so so much.


Audio is perhaps even more important than the visual look. Your audience will not forgive poor audio. So make this count.

There are a bunch of options for this too. Rode makes a cool starter wireless kit that can be sent into your camera for pre-synced and controlled audio even at a distance. Here’s the link. You can also get nice on camera mics like this one. Or a bit more expensive shotgun mic like this one. Oh, and don’t forget the headphones!

And the Other Stuff

Things like media (to record to) and a reader to connect to your computer to save the footage are of course essential as well. And basics like cleaning cloths, surge strip, power and batteries, or more build-out items like a cage for your camera can all be gotten in stages. But the basics are still pretty straightforward: camera and lens, lights, audio, stabilization.

Oh and have fun!