Questions to Ask to Keep Content Meaningful

May 15, 2018

If you are like us at Waves, you need to produce content regularly. Often you may feel the temptation to just copy and paste or say something for the sake of saying anything. But after a while you’ll realize 2 things: people stop listening and more importantly, you stop feeling purpose in what you are doing.

Here are a few questions to regularly think through, if not verbatim at least in concept.

Are we just making noise or being thoughtful?

This is the most basic question you can ask yourself. Have you thought through what you are communicating? Testing it to be true through experience is powerful. You can then see if what you are saying is valid, either totally or partially.

A trick at getting the ‘wheels’ spinning on a certain subject may be to get out and read or listen to what others are saying or have found on that matter. You will probably find a ton out there, both good and bad. This may also allow you to interact with others, give input, and work towards having a place in a virtual (or tangible) ‘community’.

Does our content answer a problem thereby being helpful?

What should be self-evident to us so often is overlooked: people don’t want to look at letters communicating nothing, or listen to meaningless talking. Crazy I know.

To keep from doing this unintentionally we should first ask whether or not what we are saying needs to be said. Is it addressing a need felt by our audience? Or at least something enjoyable that will give our viewers a break or a good lunchtime light-hearted thought?

If it’s not speaking to a need or problem, I would suggest your focus is most likely not being helpful. And so your general concept or offering should be re-examined. Helpful content will in the long run pay dividends in people looking to you as a resource and not just another pretty face!

Are you a learner as well as a teacher?

I have to laugh (and grimace) each time I see a very apparent ‘newbie’ claim expertise in an area in which they obviously just began their journey. It is okay to say you are still experimenting or practicing and may not have thought through everything. It will actually give you more credence. A learning teacher is the wiser for it AND is more relatable.

People will actually enjoy watching (and applauding) your journey as they observe you grow not only your brand but your knowledge and experience as well. Who knows it may be the very thing that engages your audience.

Never stop learning. For one thing it’s part of life and enjoyable. And a master at learning knows no limits!

So dig deep. Your God given voice is an amazing thing. Use it well.