Picking the Best Location for Your Video Shoot

January 31, 2023

There are lots of things to think about when preparing for a video shoot. One thing you definitely want to consider early on is location. Location affects cost, time, lighting, sound…well, in short, everything. So picking the best location for your video shoot is super important. Here are some tips and guidelines to help in the consideration process that we have found very useful.

Make Room!

Ideally your space has some room and isn’t too confined. This will make it easier to bring in gear, set up, and move around. And it will also aid in the shots beauty. Remember, depth is crucial in creating an interesting shot. It can allow for unique lighting and layers of look in your shot as well. You can also add more props, colors, and people if needed. Make room!

What’s the Light Situation?

You may want total light control, as with a green screen shoot. Is this possible to block out all competing light, whether windows or overhead fixtures?

On the other hand, you may want daylight and the beautiful natural look a window can give. This could help mimic a real life setting or give a warm feel to an interview.

Noise Levels

Capturing clear, high quality audio is so important to the success of a video shoot. Thus, you want to be mindful of the noise levels of your location. Is it near a busy street? Located in a congested area, with lots of people? Take this into account to make both your shoot day and post-production much easier. (Your sound technician and editor will thank you.)

Room to Stage and Room to Power

If your video team requires an area to stage gear is that available? Also, is there enough power and outlets to accommodate production needs?

Added bonus is wifi accessibility for devices requiring it. And lastly, is the area secure? Put everyone at ease with a safe location to store computers, personal items, and of course the production gear itself.

You may know all this if it’s your space or your company’s but check on this if using a different location such as an AirBNB rental.

Location, Location, Location!

Final thoughts on location details to aid you in the planning process for your next shoot:

  • Is the location easily accessible with parking?
  • Will it be easy to drive to? Traffic problems at certain times of day?
  • Do you have multiple locations to shoot in one day? If so, are they all close enough to each other to make it manageable?
  • Do you need to have the spaces additionally covered on your shoot’s insurance policy?
  • Will you need permission from the owner in written form to film there?
  • Does the space require cleaning before we go? Resetting of furniture?
  • Is it indoor or outdoors? What’s the predicted weather for the day, and do you have a plan if that changes last minute?

Check these items off to be assured you are good to go. And shop away! Once you’ve procured a location that answers all these questions, your shoot day is assured to go much more smoothly.